About the Department of Veterans Affairs

Helping Vets Navigate the VA Bureaucracy

If you are active-duty military or a recently discharged veteran, you already know what the letters VA stand for: Department of Veterans Affairs. This governmental department is responsible for administering all programs related to veterans of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and National Guard. The VA in its present form was established in 1930 when several veterans organizations were consolidated into one.

The VA today is a huge organization, serving millions of veterans from World War II through the war in Afghanistan. It offers a variety of benefit programs that include programs for health care, education, disability and burial benefits. It has hundreds of facilities throughout the United States, including hospitals, residences and clinics. Navigating the VA can be like trying to get through a maze. Having a guide can make the process much easier.

Serving Veterans Nationwide

At The Rep For Vets®, our VA-accredited claims agents serve veterans throughout the United States, focusing on helping them obtain disability benefits. They know the challenges of applying for benefits and understand the laws related to veterans. Each is dedicated to getting injured or sick vets the support and financial resources they deserve.

The VA's disability programs are generally available to all veterans who received an honorable or general discharge. This sounds straightforward; however, many veterans have found that there can be a wide gulf between knowing about benefit eligibility and actually receiving those benefits.

If your initial application for disability benefits has been denied, our VA-accredited claims agents will assist you in your appeal and help you obtain the benefits you deserve. They do not give up because they believe that men and women who served their country deserve help when they return to civilian life with disabilities or illnesses related to their service.

Learn More About the Department of Veterans Affairs

Although some disabled veterans seek the help of a lawyer, using a VA-accredited claims agent is almost certainly your best option. Call 888-573-7838 from anywhere in the United States for a free initial consultation with one of our claims agents, or simply contact them online.