Service Connected Disabilities and Zero-Percent Ratings

Claims Agents Helping Veterans Understand Disability Ratings

Many veterans already understand a little bit about how the Department of Veterans Affairs works. They know that service-connected disabilities are assigned percentages. The greater the percentage, the greater the monthly payments a veteran can receive.

So what about zero-percent ratings? A veteran may be rated at zero percent, which means that a service-connected condition exists, but that it does not affect his or her ability to function.

Although this zero-percent rating isn't compensable, it may raise your priority in other VA programs, such as healthcare eligibility. If your injury or disease worsens over time, you can always file a claim to increase your rating.

Further, it is possible for veterans with multiple zero-percent ratings for different disabilities to be paid at the 10 percent rate. To learn more, talk with an experienced VA-accredited claims agent at The Rep For Vets®.

When Government Bureaucracy Gets in the Way

Many veterans seeking VA disability benefits are not shocked by the idea that the government red tape and bureaucracy often get in the way of the veterans disability compensation they deserve. Though laws passed by Congress require the Department of Veterans Affairs to help you with your claim, the reality is different.

The process can be slow and complicated, and the VA is not helpful to those pursuing their rights. Many vets find that the veterans benefits system is a tangled mess of laws, policies and procedures that can be impossible to understand. They sometimes turn to attorneys or disability claims agents for help.

At The Rep For Vets®, the VA-accredited claims agents know just what to do in order to successfully appeal a veterans disability claim that has been denied. They make sure that the Department of Veterans Affairs understands the health problems that affect you, using proven strategies to achieve the best possible results.

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Our knowledgeable claims agents have the in-depth information they need to help you work through a tangled system. Let them share that information with you — especially if you're seeking to increase your zero-percent rating.

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