Military Service Connected Disability & Non-Service Connected Disability

VA-Accredited Claims Agents Helping You Understand Your Eligibility

Many people wonder whether or not they may be eligible for veterans disability benefits. You don't have to wonder anymore. Our VA-accredited claims agents can help you understand whether or not you may be eligible.

At The Rep For Vets®, our claims agents serve veterans nationwide and are dedicated to helping military veterans get the benefits they deserve. If you have questions about your benefits, complete the online contact form for a free consultation.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has two disability programs: Service-Connected Disability Compensation and Non-Service-connected Disability Pension. Disability Compensation is for veterans who suffer from disabilities that were caused or aggravated by their service in the military. Disability Pension is for low-income veterans who are totally and permanently disabled due to disabilities which are not related to their time in the service.

Eligibility for Service-Connected Disability Compensation

The most common type of claim is for service-connected disability compensation. At The Rep For Vets®, our VA-accredited claims agents prove that veterans are "service-connected" by proving certain criteria:

  • The veteran has a current disability.
  • The veteran experienced an injury or event during service that caused or aggravated the disability.
  • There is a causal relationship between the current disability and military service.
  • Rating Your Disability

    Once the VA determines that you have a service-connected disability, the VA will rate the severity of your disability using a percentage scale from 0 percent to 100 percent. You do not have to be "totally" disabled in order to receive benefits, but you must have at least a 10 percent rating to receive monthly payments and at least a 30 percent rating to qualify for benefits for your dependent spouse, children or parents.

    If you have more than one service-connected disability, the VA will rate each disability separately and combine them to give you an overall disability rating. Higher percentage ratings mean higher monthly payments, but determining your combined rating is not a matter of simple math. To determine the correct percentage, consult the VA's Combined Ratings Table.

    Get the Help You Need Filing Your Appeal

    United States veterans who are struggling with a disability often turn to attorneys or to claims agents such as those at The Rep For Vets®. Let our VA-accredited claims agents assist you with your appeal and get you the benefits to which you are entitled. Call our nationwide offices at 888-573-7838 for a free initial consultation, or simply use the online contact form. From New York to Florida to Alaska — no matter where you live — our claims agents have the help you need with your veterans benefits claim.